Break boundary -- The 8th Asia Pacific Hotel Design Annual Meeting 2018
The 8th Asia Pacific Hotel Design Annual Meeting was held at the W Hotel in Xian on November 2-4, 2018. The meeting concluded successfully with the enthusiastic participation of designers. The annual meeting lasted for three days and themed ‘break boundary’. World-renowned designers, architects, academics and experts in hotel management gathered at the meeting to discuss the new trend of hotel design together.
In the 2nd November evening, the subcommittee welcomed our world-renowned designers with the ‘Tang Dynasty Grand Welcoming Ceremony’. The ceremony was also known as ‘The best in all the land’, which originally served the distinguished guests. Earlier, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India was also served with the ‘Tang Dynasty Grand Welcoming Ceremony’. An array of ‘officials” wear Tang Dynasty costumes formed up with the antique warriors and palace maids to welcome our designers as if coming back to the Xian at Tang Dynasty.

Tino Kwan, the world’s top hotel lighting master, has introduced his one of the lighting design projects – Murray Hotel at the annual meeting. Murray Hotel, previously known as Murray Building. Its meticulous window design prevented excessive direct sunlight from entering the room and it has won the merit award for Hong Kong Energy Efficiency Awards competition. The Murray building has now become international five-star hotel in Central. Being the lighting design consultant of Murray Hotel, Kwan made good use of the hotel design that can receive sufficient sunlight and used different lighting equipment in different scene so as to create the most comfortable living atmosphere and illumination. Take the hotel lobby as an example, Kwan used the high-powered linear wall washers to enhance the shape and background of the curved lobby reception, and made good use of cove light to illuminate the aisle of the elevator.

Other world-renowned designers included Bill Bensley, Wannaporn ‘Pui’ Phornpraph, Mun-Summ Wong, Alan Chan, Steve Leung, Joe Cheng, Ed Ng, etc. They shared their own design philosophy and insights, and also talked about the challenges and difficulties they were facing in the design process.

The 8th Asia Pacific Hotel Design Annual Meeting was held successfully with the support of the world-renowned design masters and general designers. We hoped that Asia Pacific Hotel Design Annual Meeting will get better and better, like the theme this year - ‘break boundary’, We broke the old boundary but never forget why we started to design.

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