Penetrating Design Insights - Ten Lectures: Asian Design and Art (Season one)
8 world-renowned designers gathered at the Hilton Wuhan Optics Valley for being the lecturers of “Ten Lectures: Asian Design and Art” on October 12th – 13th, 2018. “Ten Lectures: Asian Design and Art” was fully supported by the China National Interior Decoration Association. The lectures were tailor-made and taught by eight world-renowned designers, which help to cultivate our future designers.
To accurately understand the real needs of our designers, the subcommittee deliberately surveyed more than 2,000 designers finding out seven core modules that the designers were eager to learn, including Design thinking, Lighting design, Art of design, New materials, Furnishing arts, User experience design and Space design. The subcommittee then invited ‘8 design masters’ to serve as guest lecturers for each core module. Tino Kwan, the world-renowned lighting designer, was responsible for the lighting design one.

The potential for future development of lighting design is immeasurable. Being a grandmaster of lighting design, Tino Kwan introduced the subtle relationship between lighting design and space to the designers. Color, luminosity and Illuminance, all these would affect the spatial levels. How to use the minimal lighting equipment to achieve maximum lighting effect is definitely a wisdom. In addition, Kwan pointed out some common mistakes made by general lighting designers with real projects and propose improvements. Students have a deeper understanding of lighting design and gain much in the lecture at last.

After the lectures, there was a questioning session consolidating students’ knowledge through the interaction. Since Kwan’s birthday was approaching, the subcommittee prepared a birthday surprise for Kwan. Over 800 designers and friends celebrated together and witness this warm and memorable moment.

"Ten classes to know the truth of design" is not just a slogan. It is an anticipation, an anticipation that expects designers to further pursue design knowledge. After these ten lessons, It is believed that the designers will definitely acquire correct and profound design knowledge, and the growth of their own design value.
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